Compote of Pigeons

Compote de Pigeons


Have some pigeons ready trussed for braising, and put them in a covered stewpan with an ounce and a half of fat or butter, a bunch of herbs tied up, say a sprig of thyme, parsley, and two bayleaves, about a quarter of a pound of raw bacon cut up in little square pieces, half a pint of peeled button onions, or two large ones cut up in small squares, and some carrots cut in pea shapes; fry till a nice golden colour; add about half a pint of stock and some turnips, prepared similarly to the carrots, and let the whole simmer for about half an hour; as the stock reduces put a little more to it; take up the pigeons and remove the string from them; dish them; remove the fat from the gravy, re-boil and pour round the pigeons, with the vegetables and bacon in little bunches. The fat, herbs, &c., can be put in the stockpot.