Fillets of Pigeons à l’Américaine

Filets de Pigeons à l’Américaine


Take the breast fillets from the pigeons; season them with a little pepper, salt, a very little chopped eschalot, fresh mushrooms, and parsley; put about an ounce and a half of butter in a sauté, pan, lightly sauté the fillets on both sides, then put to press until cool. Trim the fillets, if necessary, and then mask them over thinly with farce of game or poultry livers, and smooth it with a warm knife; then dip the fillets in well-beaten whole egg and breadcrumb; do this twice, and when ready fry them in clarified butter till a pretty golden colour; allow one to each person; dish on a border of potato with a purée of spinach in the centre, and serve American sauce round the base. Partridge and grouse may be served in the same way.