Quails à la Monte Carlo

Cailles à la Monte Carlo


Take boned birds for this dish, and farce them by means of a forcing bag and pipe with veal or rabbit farce, make a well in the centre of the farce with the finger wetted with hot water, place a piece of truffle inside each well, and then close it up and arrange the birds in a good shape in a band of buttered paper; then put into the oven on a well buttered sauté pan and cook for fifteen to eighteen minutes, keeping well basted while cooking, then split in halves, using a warm wet knife for the purpose, and sprinkle each piece with a little chopped truffle, brush over with the raw white of egg that has been just beaten up, and wrap in a little piece of pork caul, brush over again with white of egg and then sprinkle again with truffle, put on a buttered sauté pan, place a buttered paper over and put into a moderate oven for about ten minutes, then dish up on a border of farce or potatoes round a croûton of bread or rice to support them, with foie gras and Financière garnish on the top and a hatelet skewer for ornament. Serve with champagne sauce round. The farce used for this dish is improved by addition of a little chopped truffle.