Cutlets of Quails à la Chaponay

Côtelettes de Cailles à la Chaponay


Cut some boned quails in halves, season them with pepper and salt, and place them in a buttered sauté pan; sauté for about three or four minutes, then put them to press lightly till cold; mask them over with a thin layer of veal farce on the top side, smoothing it with a wet warm knife.

Place on the centre of each a little round piece of pâté de foie gras, cut about a quarter of an inch thick; press it into the farce, and then brush the quails over with the white of an egg beaten up, and wrap each neatly in a piece of veal or pork caul, brush over again with the egg and sprinkle each one with chopped truffle, chopped tongue, or lean ham, and browned breadcrumbs, so that the top of each has three parts in three colours; place them in the oven for twelve to fifteen minutes, then dish up on a border of farce or potato, with a croûton of bread in the centre to stand them against, and a purée of salsifies or white haricot beans on the croûton and Chaponay sauce round the base.