Escalopes of Pheasant à la Marseilles

Escalopes de Faisan à la Marseilles


Remove the breast from a good fat pheasant, taking plenty of the skin with it, lard this well with lardons of fat bacon, and then farce the inside with a farce prepared from the remaining meat of the bird scraped from the bones. Arrange the farce smoothly with a hot wet knife, then place a good layer of foie gras on the farce, roll up lengthwise and fasten in a well-buttered paper; cook this in light stock that is flavoured with sherry or mushroom liquor for about half an hour, taking care to keep the pan well covered over with the cover while the bird is cooking; when sufficiently cooked take up and remove the paper, brush over with a little warm glaze and crisp with the salamander or put into a hot oven for eight to ten minutes, then cut in slices about two inches thick and dish on a border of farce or potato with braised filberts or button mushrooms in the centre, and Salmis sauce poured round the base. To make the farce for breast of pheasant: Pound six ounces of pheasant till smooth, then pound four ounces of panard, add the pounded meat and two whole eggs, a little white pepper, cayenne and salt, mix all together and pass through a fine wire sieve.