Partridge Cutlets à la Régence

Côtelettes de Perdreau à la Régence


Cut some cold cooked partridge into thin slices, stamp these out in rounds the size of a threepenny piece, together with some cooked button mushrooms and hard boiled white of egg. Butter some cutlet moulds, and ornament them with these rounds, and then fill them by means of a pipe and bag with farce, prepared as below, and smooth over with a wet warm knife, cook in a sauté pan with a buttered paper over for twelve to fifteen minutes, with a little hot water in the bottom of the pan; turn out the moulds, dish up on a border, serve with the sauce made as below, and a croûton in the centre of the dish, garnish with braised celery, and serve very hot. For the farce take half a pound of raw partridge (old birds may be used), pound it till quite smooth, and rub it through a wire sieve, then mix with two raw whites of eggs, two tablespoonfuls of mushroom purée (see end of this recipe), and a pinch of salt and white pepper, mix all together with a teaspoonful of warm glaze, add the trimmings from the rounds of partridge and mushrooms chopped up fine, and use. For the sauce, put the bones of the bird in a stewpan with one ounce of butter and two ounces of bacon bones, a few strips of celery, a pinch of mignonette pepper, a sprig of parsley, thyme, two bayleaves, one eschalot, and one tomato, fry all together for fifteen minutes, add a wineglass of claret, a half glass of port, one pint of brown sauce, and reduce a quarter part, skim while boiling, then tammy and mix with three large tablespoonfuls of finely shredded celery that has been put in cold water and brought to the boil, then put in stock and cooked till tender, and the stock reduced to a creamy consistency, and then the whole added to the sauce. To make the mushroom purée referred to, chop fine half a pound of well cleansed and dried fresh mushrooms, place them in a stewpan with one ounce of fresh butter, a little pepper and salt, draw down on the stove for ten minutes, and use when cooling.