Larks à l’Auvergne

Mauviettes à l’Auvergne


Take boned larks for this dish, allowing one bird to each person, farce them with a fiver farce, using a forcing bag and pipe for the purpose, then make a little well in the centre with the finger wetted with hot water, put a piece of truffle in each well, and close over the farce, put each bird in a little band of buttered paper, and put them in a buttered sauté pan; cook in the oven for about twelve to fifteen minutes with a buttered paper over, then take up, remove the papers, put the larks to cool, then lightly brush over with the beaten up white of a raw egg, and sprinkle over with chopped truffle, and wrap in a little square of pork or veal caul, brush the caul over with the egg, and sprinkle again with chopped truffle, return to the pan, and put again in the oven with a buttered paper over for about ten or twelve minutes, dish on a border of potato or farce with a croûton of fried bread in the centre, and with a purée of haricot beans, and serve Auvergne sauce round the base.

Auvergne Sauce

Have the bones from the larks chopped up and put into a stewpan along with a sliced onion, two bay-leaves, one tomato sliced, one or two mushrooms sliced, a bunch of herbs and a little bacon or ham bone, fry these all together for about fifteen to twenty minutes, then add two wineglasses of white wine, one ounce of glaze, a pint of brown sauce, and cook all together for about fifteen minutes, keeping well skimmed while boiling, then tammy and add two fine shredded capsicums that are cut in lengths of about an inch, and two red chillies cut in the same way, and rinse in water before putting to the sauce.