Little Cases à la Toulouse

Petites Caisses à la Toulouse


Oil some little red edged paper cases on the outside; put them on a plate or baking tin to dry with the tops downward, and leave them in the screen till required. Cut up the breast or leg of a fowl or any white meat in pieces about the size of a shilling (or a little cooked sweetbread or cooked brains may be used), add four or five cooked button mushrooms, one or two truffles, a little tongue or ham, all cut up, and put these ingredients all together in a bain marie pan. Reduce half a pint of thick Veloute sauce with a gill of cream till of the consistence of thick cream, then tammy it and mix half of it with the cut ingredients in the pan in the bain marie, and make quite hot; partly fill the cases with the mixture, and on the top put about a teaspoonful of the other half of the reduced Veloute, and arrange on the top of that two or three little stamped out rounds of mushroom, tongue, or truffle. Dish the cases on a hot dish either on a dish-paper or napkin, and serve. These cases can be made from the remains of any white meat, and make also a pretty cold dish when garnished with a little aspic on the top.