Little Chickens in Cases à l’Impératrice

Petits Poulets en Caisses à l’Impératrice


Take some little chicken moulds, butter them and then partly fill them with a chicken farce, prepared as below, and place two or three rounds of braised sweetbread about the size of a shilling and an eighth of an inch thick inside each; cover over with more farce and smooth them over with a wet warm knife and poach them for about twelve minutes in light boiling stock, then turn them out and when cold mask them with aspic cream until well coated and smooth, using the aspic cream when somewhat cool. When this is set, dish them up in little paper cases that are partly filled with a nice salad of lettuce and a little thick mayonnaise sauce, and garnish round with cooked pea-shaped cucumber, the trimmings of the cold braised sweetbread cut up in dice shapes, little triangular blocks of tomato aspic, and a little chopped aspic, arranged here and there with a bag and pipe; the cucumber and sweet-bread should be seasoned with a little salad oil, tarragon vinegar, salt, and chopped eschalot.

Farce for Petits Poulets à l’Impératrice

Take three quarters of a pound of raw chicken (veal or rabbit can be used), two ounces of panard, two tablespoonfuls of thick Bechamel, one ounce of butter, a little salt, tiny dust of cayenne and nutmeg, one raw yolk and one whole egg, and make as for other farces.