Suprème of Chicken à la Darmstadt

Suprème de Volaille à la Darmstadt


Remove the flesh from the breast of a raw chicken and cut it in lengths (twelve may be cut from a good sized chicken), bat these out with a cold wet knife or bat, place them on a buttered tin, sprinkle over them a little salt and lemon juice, also chopped tarragon and chervil, and cook them in a moderate oven with a buttered paper over them for about six minutes; let them get cold, then trim them neatly and mask with a pale pink chaudfroid till well covered with it; when the chaudfroid is set pour a little cool aspic jelly (whilst liquid) over them, let this set, then cut the fillets neatly from the aspic and dish them up en couronne on a border of aspic jelly; garnish round the fillets where they overlap one another with chopped aspic jelly, using a forcing bag and small pipe for the purpose. A wax figure can be used to ornament the centre. Arrange in dish and round the figure in the centre (if used) a cucumber salad. The legs of the chicken can be used for a ballotine hot or cold, or a mayonnaise, fricasseed or devilled for a breakfast dish, or for chicken farce, &c.