Little Creams of Chicken in Aspic à la Victoria

Petites Crèmes de Volaille en Aspic à la Victoria


Line the upper part of the egg moulds with aspic jelly and at the top of each mould place a small ring of truffle; round the truffle arrange six or eight little thin pieces of white of egg that are cut in the shape of a diamond, first dipping the side that is to show through the jelly in coral. When these are placed in the mould just set them with a few drops of aspic jelly to keep them in place; then arrange little leaves of chervil round the sides of the mould with a little shredded tarragon and shredded lettuce; fill up each mould with a purée of chicken. The bottom of the mould must also be lined with aspic and then lightly sprinkled with coral, and then with the shredded lettuce. When this is set fill with the purée of chicken and pour into the bottom of the mould a little liquid jelly and then join the two parts. Have the piccolo border mould lined with aspic jelly and sprinkle round the edges alternately chopped tarragon and chervil and coral inside the mould; arrange some shredded lettuce and picked tarragon and chervil, then fill up the mould with aspic jelly, let it set and then turn it out. Dish the eggs in the round spaces of the border mould and garnish the dish with chopped aspic jelly and little blocks of pâté de foie gras. Six egg moulds complete the dish, but four more could be arranged in the corners. Arrange little sprigs of tarragon and chervil on the centre egg; a little coral or chopped parsley sprinkled here and there is very pretty and effective.

Purée of Chicken

Half a pound of cooked chicken, boiled or roasted, two tablespoonfuls of Bechamel sauce, a pinch of salt, a tiny dust of cayenne and a pinch of white pepper; pound all together till quite smooth and mix with rather better than half a pint of aspic jelly. Pass the purée through a sieve, and add a half pint of whipped cream. This purée may be enriched with a little pâté de foie gras cut in small dice.