Mayonnaise of Chicken in Shells

Mayonnaise de Volaille en Coquilles


Have china or plated scallop shells for these; place about one teaspoonful of thick mayonnaise sauce in the centre of each shell; take the remains of cold chicken and cut it in little neat pieces about the size of a halfpenny piece, also little crisp pieces of lettuce and slices of hard boiled egg, fillets of boned anchovies, and stoned olives. Arrange these alternately on the sauce, forming a nice pile, then cover all up with mayonnaise sauce, and smooth the top with a knife. Cook some chicken livers in a little butter for about ten minutes in the oven, with a paper over, and season with a little pepper and salt; rub the livers, when cool, through a wire sieve, and then sprinkle it lightly over the mayonnaise; have the hard boiled yolk of egg likewise passed through the sieve, and lightly sprinkled on the liver, and also a little chopped tarragon and chervil or parsley. Place four little bunches of French capers on the edge of the mayonnaise, and on the top of each coquille put two neat fillets of boned anchovies, with a little strip of French gherkin or beetroot between the fillets. Serve one to each person; dish on a napkin or paper.