Cutlets of Chicken à l’Américaine

Côtelettes de Volaille à l’Américaine


Take half a pound of cooked chicken, such as legs or pieces left from a previous meal, pound it, and then mix it with two and a half large tablespoonfuls of Bechamel sauce, one and a half tablespoonfuls of tarragon vinegar, a tiny dust of cayenne, and three quarters of a pint of aspic jelly, and pass it through the tammy and put it in a sauté pan to about half an inch thick to set, then cut it out in cutlet shapes with a cutlet cutter, and mask with brown chaudfroid sauce; put each on a palette knife while pouring the chaudfroid over it, then ornament with truffle in any pretty design, and set it with a little aspic jelly, and glaze all over with liquid aspic; when ready to serve, dish on a border that has been lined with aspic and filled up with a macedoine of vegetables in mayonnaise as below; dish with cucumber and radishes or tomatoes seasoned with oil, tarragon vinegar, &c. in the centre. The truffle for garnishing the cutlets can be cut in diamond shapes, and about four pieces placed round a ring on each cutlet. For the border take three quarters of a pint of aspic, three tablespoonfuls of mayonnaise sauce, four tablespoonfuls of sliced vegetable, a little chopped tarragon and chervil, mix together and use when beginning to get set.