Cutlets of Mutton à l’Andalouse

Côtelettes de Mouton à l’Andalouse


Take a small best end of neck of mutton, cut it into small cutlets, bat them out with a wetted cutlet bat, trim and season with pepper and salt, put them into a buttered sauté pan and sauté them on each side for three or four minutes, then take up and press till cold, and trim them neatly, mask over with brown and white chaudfroid sauce, using the white for the fat part at the top of the cutlet and the brown for the bottom part; when the sauce is set mask the cutlets over with liquid aspic jelly, and when it is firm trim the jelly evenly found the cutlets and dish up on a border of aspic jelly or rice, with a croûton of fried bread or rice in the centre to rest the cutlets against; garnish between each cutlet with aspic jelly that is very finely chopped, using a forcing bag with a plain pipe for the purpose; similarly garnish the croûton and put round the dish about four bunches of a salad of tomatoes and cooked artichoke bottoms; little sprigs of chervil can also be used for garnishing, and paper frills, if preferred. For the salad garnish cut four cooked artichoke bottoms into square pieces, also four peeled and cleansed tomatoes, mix these with a teaspoonful of picked leaves of chervil and a little salt, mignonette pepper, salad oil and tarragon vinegar, and use.