Cutlets of Mutton à la Louise

Côtelettes de Mouton à la Louise


Prepare a small best end of neck of mutton, as in the recipe, and place the cutlets in a well buttered sauté pan, season them with pepper and salt and chopped fresh mushrooms that have been washed, and chopped lean ham or tongue and eschalot, sauté the cutlets on the underneath side for two or three minutes, then put a buttered paper over the top and place them in the oven for four or five minutes, then take up and put to press till cold; after which trim them and mask half of each with pink chaudfroid sauce, and the other half with white, and finish with a coating of aspic jelly over, as in last recipe. Dish on a purée of haricot flageolets, and garnish with chopped aspic jelly around.