Cutlets of Mutton, with Foie Gras in Aspic

Côtelettes de Mouton au Foie Gras en Aspic


Braise the best end of a small neck of mutton for about one hour, then put it to press, and when cold cut it into cutlets, trim these neatly and mask them over with a thin layer of pâté de foie gras which has been first rubbed through a fine wire sieve, and smooth this over with a wet warm knife; glaze over the foie gras with liquid aspic jelly, and ornament the jelly with small thin diamond shapes cut from hard boiled white of egg, lean tongue and truffle, and set this garnish with more jelly; dish the cutlets on a row of chopped aspic arranged lengthways in the dish, and on each side of the row garnish with a macedoine of cooked vegetables that has been seasoned with oil and vinegar and mignonette pepper.