Chaudfroid of Pigeons in Cases

Chaudfroid da Pigeons en Caisses


Pluck and bone the birds, farce them by means of a forcing pipe and bag with a purée prepared as below, fasten each in a band of buttered foolscap paper, put a piece of fat bacon on the breast of each and place them in a greased pan, and stand it in a moderate oven for fifteen to twenty minutes; then put the birds aside and when they are quite cold cut them in halves lengthways through the back, using a wet warm knife for the purpose; well mask or coat the outer part of each half with brown chaudfroid and place it in a paper case which is partly filled with chopped aspic, and by means of a forcing bag and plain pipe garnish round the edge of each case with finely chopped aspic, and dish up on a dish-paper or napkin. This may be served for an entrée or second course dish in place of game or poultry, and for cold collation. Quails and other small birds may be prepared in the same way.