Escalopes of Quails à la Comte de Paris

Escalopes da Cailles à la Comte da Paris


Take boned quails for this dish, and farce them with a farce prepared as below; fasten the birds in bands of buttered paper, then put them in a buttered pan with enough sherry or mushroom liquor to keep them moist, and cook in the oven for about fifteen minutes, with a buttered paper over, keeping them well basted; when cooked remove the papers and put to cool, and when cold cut them in slices about a quarter of an inch thick, and then mask these over with chaudfroid sauce in two colours, white and brown, each slice being half covered with each colour. Then lightly mask over with aspic, leave till set, and trim them and dish each up on an artichoke bottom that has been seasoned with salad oil, tarragon vinegar, and chopped tarragon and chervil, and a very little chopped eschalot and mignonette pepper; place them in little square fancy paper cases, and garnish with finely chopped aspic jelly by means of a pipe and bag, round the top of the cases, and at the corners with plovers’ eggs cut in quarters, or truffles if the eggs are not in season; dish on a dish-paper or napkin, and serve for an entrée for dinner or for a second course dish in place of hot game, or for a luncheon or supper dish.

Farce, for Quails

Half a pound of veal, rabbit, or chicken, two ounces of pâté de foie gras, two ounces of cooked ox tongue, fat and lean, one tablespoonful of thick Bechamel sauce; pound the raw meat till smooth, then pound the tongue and mix together, add the Bechamel and foie gras and two raw yolks of eggs, pass all through a fine wire sieve, and mix in half an eschalot that has been chopped very fine, and a pinch of mignonette pepper, then put into a forcing bag with plain pipe and use. This is enough for three birds, which should make about fifteen escalopes.