Chaudfroid of Quails à la Princesse

Chaudfroid de Cailles à la Princesse


Take some boned quails, with the feet left on, farce them by means of a forcing bag and pipe with liver farce; make a well in the centre of the farce in each bird and in it place a slice of cold braised sweetbread that has been rolled in finely chopped truffle, and cut about two and a half inches long by one inch square; press this well in the farce and close up the birds well to prevent the mixture working out. Make the birds up into good shapes, and with a band of buttered paper fasten up each bird and tie up with string; place a little slice of slitted fat bacon on the breast of each, and put them on a buttered sauté pan and cook in a moderate oven for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then put away to cool, and when cool, by means of a hot wet knife cut the birds in half, and mask over till well coated with brown chaudfroid sauce, glaze over with aspic jelly, and when this is quite set, cut out neatly and dish up on a border of rice with a little rice block for the centre to rest the quails against. Garnish between each half bird with chopped aspic, place a hatelet skewer in the centre of rice block and serve.