Cream of Rabbit in Aspic à la Versailles

Crème de Lapereau en Aspic à la Versailles


Pound three quarters of a pound of cooked rabbit, mix it with two tablespoonfuls of Bechamel sauce, a pinch of salt, a tiny dust of cayenne, and a dust of white pepper, and three quarters of a pint of liquid aspic jelly, and pass through a fine hair sieve; then, when it is thickening, add half a pint of stiffly whipped cream, a tablespoonful of tarragon vinegar, and about one ounce of each of finely shredded truffle and tongue. Have a timbale mould, about a pint and a half capacity, lined with aspic jelly and ornamented with little bunches of cooked vegetables such as carrot, turnip, cucumber, and beetroot, cut in Julienne shreds, also a little shredded tarragon and truffle. Set these round the mould with more jelly, and pour in the purée of rabbit, and when cool turn out and garnish with a salad of the same vegetables that have been seasoned with salad oil, tarragon and chilli vinegar, and a little chopped tarragon and chervil, and also a little mayonnaise sauce here and there.