Purée of Hare à la Trois Frères

Pain de Lièvre à la Trois Frères


Thinly line the Trois Frères mould (about a pint and a half capacity) with aspic jelly; let the aspic set, then line the mould all over about an eighth of an inch thick with brown chaudfroid sauce; fill up the mould with a purée of hare, which can be made with the remains of cold hare thus:— Eight ounces of the meat pounded till quite smooth, and mixed with two good tablespoonfuls of brown sauce and a quarter of a pint of game gravy, made from the bones of the bare, as below; add half a pint of aspic jelly, and half a wineglass of port wine may be added if liked. Pass it all together through the tammy, and when somewhat cool pour it into the mould; set till firm, then dip in warm water, pass a clean cloth over the bottom to dry it, and turn out on to the dish. Fill the centre with a macedoine of vegetables mixed with a little salad oil, tarragon and chilli vinegar, and a little chopped tarragon and chervil; spread over the vegetables the hard boiled white of egg that has been rubbed through a wire sieve, and on the egg sprinkle a little chopped truffle or tongue. The above quantity is sufficient for an entrée for eight to ten persons.

Grouse or any other game can be used in the same way.

Brown Chaudfroid for Lining the Mould

Half a pint of aspic jelly, two tablespoonfuls of brown sauce, half an ounce of glaze, half a wineglass of sherry, and a pinch of sugar; reduce this about a quarter part, keeping it well skimmed while it is boiling, then pass through the tammy and use.

Gravy for the Purée

Cut up half an onion in little dice shapes, put them in a pan with one ounce of butter, a little bayleaf, sprig of thyme, and a dust of mignonette pepper; chop up the game bones (raw or cooked) and put on the top; cover the pan down and let these fry for about twenty minutes; cover with three quarters of a pint of stock, boil together for about half an hour, keeping well skimmed, then strain, remove the fat, and use.