Ballotine of Pheasant with Cherry Salad

Ballotine de Faisan au Salade de Cerises


Take the leg of the pheasant and bone it; leave as much skin as possible to wrap over the farce; pound together half a pound of raw pheasant or any kind of game and a quarter of a pound of raw ham or bacon and pass through a coarse wire sieve; season with a little cayenne pepper, a pinch of salt, and add one large chopped truffle, four chopped button mushrooms, one ounce of cooked tongue or ham chopped, and mix with two raw yolks of eggs; force into the leg of the pheasant by means of a forcing bag and pipe; make a little well in the centre of the farce with the finger wetted with warm water, and in the space put two ounces of pâté de foie gras, which is cut in strips; wrap the farce over and sew up the leg, tie up in a little buttered cloth, and cook in good stock for rather better than half an hour. When cool cut in slices and mask with aspic mayonnaise and ornament with strips of tongue and French gherkin and little rounds of truffle in any pretty design; set the garnish with a little more aspic, trim the slices from the aspic, dish on a strip of aspic, and garnish with cherry salad.