Escalopes of Sweetbread à la Grand Hôtel

Escalopes de Ris de Veau à la Grand Hôtel


Take a nice fresh heart sweetbread, blanch and press it, braise it (see recipe ‘Escalopes of Sweetbread à la Connaught’) and put away till cold; then cut it in slices straight through about a quarter of an inch thick, and with a plain round cutter about two inches in diameter stamp it out in rounds, and mask these with a white chaudfroid till well covered; put on a baking tin or dish and mask over with aspic jelly. Let this set, then trim the slices from the aspic and dish them up on a border of aspic jelly, and garnish the centre with a macedoine of cooked vegetables in mayonnaise. Put a little tongue purée on the top of each slice in the form of a rose by means of a forcing bag with a small rose pipe, and arrange little square blocks of aspic jelly round.