Sweetbread Cutlets à la Princesse

Côtelettes de Ris de Veau à la Princesse


Blanch and then braise the sweetbread as in recipe; take it up and put to press between two plates, and when cool cut it out in cutlet shapes. Have some little cutlet moulds lined with aspic jelly and ornament them with cut truffle, red chilli, and French gherkin in any neat designs. Set these with a little more aspic jelly, and then line the moulds with a white chaudfroid; place the pieces of sweetbread in the moulds and fill up with the chaudfroid; let this set, turn out, dish up en couronne on a border of aspic, with alternate slices of foie gras cut in cutlet shapes and masked over with aspic jelly; garnish the centre with a wax figure and around it and in the corners of the dish arrange a salad of melon or cherries.