Larks à la Ripon

Mauviettes à la Ripon


Take the fresh larks for this dish, pick, cleanse and bone them, and farce them with beef or veal farce, using a forcing pipe and bag for the purpose. Partly fill the birds with the beef farce, then make a little well in the centre with the finger, first dipping it in hot water; place in this well a little piece of pâté de foie gras about the size of a filbert, close up the space by pressing the farce and arrange the legs in the body; cut off the feet and then take little bands of buttered paper and tie one round each bird so as to keep it in a good shape. Put two ounces of butter into a stewpan with half a sliced carrot, two slices of turnip, one large onion sliced, a bunch of herbs (thyme, parsley, and bayleaf), three or four peppercorns; put a buttered paper on the top and place the larks on this; cover each of the birds with a little piece of fat bacon to keep them moist, put the cover on the pan, and fry for about ten minutes, then add about a quarter of a pint of good stock and braise for about fifteen minutes, keeping the birds basted over the top. When cooked take out and put to cool, mask them with brown chaudfroid sauce; have some dariol moulds lined thinly with aspic jelly and ornamented in any pretty design with cut truffles, tongue, or ham, white of egg, and cooked button mushrooms. Set the garnish with more aspic, and then place a lark in each mould and fill up with the brown chaudfroid, and let these set till cold and firm. Prepare a small border of aspic jelly for dishing the birds on, and a wax figure or rice block for the centre. Make a ragoût of tongue, truffle, white of hard boiled egg, cooked mushroom, and a little cold sweetbread all cut up in dice shapes and mixed with a little salad oil, a few drops of tarragon vinegar, and a few leaves of picked and chopped tarragon and chervil, and fill the top of the figure and round the centre with it and garnish the dish with chopped aspic jelly, and serve. This can be served for a second course dish in place of game or poultry.