Little Creams of Ham Iced

Petites Crèmes de Jambon Glacées


Whip half a pint of cream till quite stiff, then mix with it a quarter of a pint of liquid aspic jelly and a few drops of carmine to make it a pale salmon colour, add a dust of cayenne, and five ounces of lean cooked ham that is cut up in very little dice shapes; stir all together over ice until it begins to set, then put it in a Neapolitan ice mould and place this in the ice cave for about one and a half hours; when sufficiently iced dip the mould in cold water, remove the covers, and turn the ham cream on to a clean cloth, cut it in slices crossways, and dish them up on a dish-paper in a round overlapping one another; garnish the centre with a bunch of picked mustard and cress or any nice salad, and decorate the slices with ham butter by means of bag and fancy pipe.