Little Hams with Salad

Petits Jambonneaux au Salade


Take some little ham moulds, line the top part of them with plain aspic jelly and lightly sprinkle over the jelly a very little finely chopped parsley, then line the bottom part of the mould with red aspic, let this set and fill up the mould with a purée of cooked ham or tongue as below, turn out and dish on a border of red coloured aspic and garnish the centre and round the dish with a salad of crisp lettuce that is mixed with small picked leaves of fresh tarragon and chervil, and some strips of lean ham or bacon. Cut the strips of ham or bacon about one inch long and a quarter of an inch thick, and sauté them in a little butter for three or four minutes without discolouring, then strain from the butter, and when cold season with finely chopped tarragon and salad oil, tarragon vinegar, and mignonette pepper, and sprinkle them all over the lettuce with some little shreds of French gherkin and red chilli. The ham purée for filling say ten moulds is made by taking half a pound of lean cooked ham, and pounding it till smooth, then well mixing with it a tablespoonful of thick mayonnaise, one tablespoonful of Bechamel sauce, a few drops of Marshall’s liquid carmine, a tiny dust of cayenne pepper, two and a half gills of cool liquid aspic jelly, and passing the whole through the tammy; use when the purée begins to thicken.