Little Salpicons of Salmon à la Chevalier

Petits Salpicons de Saumon à la Chevalier


Line the little horse-shoe moulds very thinly with aspic jelly, and ornament them with truffle to imitate the nails &c.; set this with a few more drops of aspic, and then line the moulds again with a purée of salmon, prepared as below; partly fill up the centres with a salpicon mixture, composed of salmon, oysters, and truffle; pour in a little reduced consommé that is flavoured with shredded tarragon leaves; when this is set cover over with a little more of the salmon purée, and put on ice to set. When ready to serve dip the moulds into warm water, and turn out the salpicons; dish them upon a border of aspic jelly, place a wax figure in the centre of this, and garnish round the figure with cooked salsify and raw cucumber, and cooked salmon, mixed all together, and chopped aspic jelly.

Purée of Salmon for Salpicons

To four ounces of cooked salmon add two marinaded fillets of herring, half a teaspoonful of essence of anchovy, a little carmine to make it a pretty pink colour, one hard boiled yolk of egg, a tiny dust of cayenne, and one dessertspoonful of French tarragon vinegar; pound all together till smooth, then add half a pint of aspic jelly whilst liquid, and one tablespoonful of thick cream, then pass through the tammy and use. This quantity is sufficient for ten to twelve moulds.

Consommé for Centre of Salpicons

Boil half a pint of good soup to half the quantity, then mix in about a dozen leaves of finely shredded tarragon. The soup before being reduced should be quite a thick jelly when cold.

Garnish for Salpicons

Cut the salsify and cucumber in lengths of about one inch, and pull the salmon in nice flakes, then season the whole with salad oil, tarragon vinegar, and a little chopped eschalot and shredded fresh tarragon. This dish is a nice way of using up any cold salmon from a previous meal.