Little Nectarines of Foie Gras à la Belle

Petites Nectarines de Foie Gras à la Belle


Line some small hexagon dariols with aspic jelly, and when this is set ornament them with finely shredded red chilli, forming a cross at the bottom of the mould, also decorate the sides then set with a little more aspic and line the mould all over with aspic cream, and fill up the inside with a ragoût prepared as below; when these are set dip the moulds into warm water and turn out on a clean cloth to absorb any moisture, dish them up on a border of aspic jelly, fill up the centre with a good salad of lettuce mixed with oil and tarragon vinegar and a little salt; take four cooked plovers’ eggs, cut them into quarters and garnish them with a little sprinkling of chopped truffle and two strips of chilli arranged in a cross on each, set the garnish with a little aspic and place these eggs on the top of the lettuce, and arrange little rings of cucumber between each nectarine; garnish round the dish with chopped aspic and little bunches of the salad in the corners. To make ragoût for ten moulds take half a pint of aspic jelly, one wineglass of sherry, one and a half gills of good flavoured brown sauce, one ounce of glaze, two fresh mushrooms cut up in slices, a pinch of castor sugar, and boil down to half the quantity; keep skimmed while boiling, then tammy, and when cool and thickening add to this the contents of a small tin of pâté de foie gras (having removed the fat), cut in small dice shapes with a hot warm knife, add six cooked button mushrooms, and two or three truffles similarly cut up, and use when the whole is getting set.