Fillets of Beef à la Philippe

Filets de Bœuf à la Philippe


Take some cold roast or braised beef, cut in very thin slices about two inches square, and then mask each on one side with a ragoût as below, roll the fillets up in cylinder shapes with the ragoût inside, and mask entirely over the cylinder shapes with brown chaudfroid, and the ends with aspic cream; when the chaudfroid is set lightly mask over with a little liquid aspic jelly, and trim from the jelly; dish on a border of aspic, and garnish the centre with a very thick horseradish sauce and ornament with chopped aspic jelly between the fillets and macedoine of vegetables in the corners of the dish, and serve. To make the ragoût for masking the fillets take three hard boiled yolks of eggs chopped fine, also twelve blanched large bearded oysters cut up small, four or five button mushrooms, a teaspoonful of French capers, half an eschalot, two boned anchovies that have been rubbed through a sieve, and mix all with a quarter of a pint of brown chaudfroid sauce on the ice till cool, then spread it on the fillets. This quantity is enough for ten to twelve fillets.