Green Salad à la Batelière

Salade verte à la Batelière


Take some sandwich moulds and line them thinly with aspic jelly, then sprinkle the first and third quarters of the bottoms with lobster coral which has been passed through a sieve, and the second and fourth quarters with finely chopped tarragon; set this garnish with a few drops of aspic jelly, then sprinkle them over with long thin strips of cooked French beans and finely shredded crisp lettuce to fill the moulds, set these with more jelly, and when cold dip them in hot water and turn out; dish them on a border of green salad prepared as below; garnish the centre with some of the salad mixture without the aspic in it, and some nice scallops of cooked lobster may also be arranged in a neat pile in the centre; garnish the dish and round the top of the border with chopped aspic jelly, and sprinkle it here and there with a little coral and chopped tarragon and chervil. This is a pretty dish for any cold collation, and is a good way to use up any cold lobster.

Green Salad for border

Take a handful mixed all together of tarragon, chervil, fennel, and parsley, and one sliced eschalot; wash these well, and put them into a stewpan with enough cold water to cover them, add a pinch of salt and soda, put it on the stove, and when it comes to the boil strain and press the water from it, then pound these ingredients with six turned olives, two French gherkins, six boned anchovies, one saltspoonful of Marshall’s apple green, one tablespoonful of salad oil, and pass all through a tammy or hair sieve, and then to each one and a half tablespoonfuls of this purée add four tablespoonfuls of thick mayonnaise sauce, a pint and a half of liquid aspic jelly, half a pint of any nice green cooked vegetables cut up in little squares, such as French beans, artichoke bottoms, flageolets, peas, &c. Line the mould thinly with aspic jelly, then pour the mixture into it and leave it to set; when firm dip it into hot water, and turn it out on to the dish. Any of the green purée left from the border can be mixed with some of the vegetables and mayonnaise for the centre.