Little Patties à la Montglas

Petites Bouchées à la Montglas


For these take some puff paste which has had six turns, roll it out about one inch thick and stamp out rounds of it with a hot wet cutter about one and a half inches in diameter; put these rounds on a wetted baking tin, brush them all over with whole beaten up egg, and thon make an inner ring on the top of each with a hot wet cutter about one inch in diameter, cutting into the paste about a quarter of an inch deep. Bake in a rather quick oven for twenty-five to thirty minutes; when baked, take up, remove the little top and scoop out the inside so as to form a little case, fill these with the ragoût as below by means of a forcing bag and plain pipe, and place the top again on each patty. Dish up on a dish-paper or napkin and serve hot or cold for an entrée for dinner, luncheon, or as a second course dish. If used for a cold dish, garnish with fresh parsley.

Ragoût for Patties à la Montglas

Take four tablespoonfuls of any minced cooked meat, game, or poultry, six or eight chopped button mushrooms, one or two chopped truffles, one tablespoonful of chopped cooked tongue or ham, and a little chopped calf’s brains or sweetbread may be added; mix all these ingredients into half a pint of very good thick Veloute sauce and make it hot in the bain marie and fill the patties.