Oyster Patties

Petites Bouchées aux Huîtres


Blanch the oysters, taking care that they do not boil, beard and cut them up in small square pieces and make a sauce from the liquor; for half a pint of sauce put two ounces of flour and two ounces of butter, and fry without discolouring. Mix this with about one and a half gills of the oyster liquor; if you have not sufficient liquor make up the quantity with white fish stock or chicken stock; stir till it boils, then add a good half gill of cream, a few drops of lemon juice, a tiny dust of cayenne, and season with a little salt; pass it through the tammy and then add the cut oysters; a little cut truffle may be added if liked. Prepare some little bouchées (see Recipe ‘Patties à la Montglas’) with puff paste and scoop out the insides, and fill them up with the oyster mixture; dish on a dish-paper and garnish with fried parsley and serve hot. These may be served cold as an entrée, or, if made very small, for a hors-d’œuvre or second course dish or ball supper. Allow two large sauce oysters to each patty.