Fillet of Beef with Truffles and Champagne Sauce

Filet de Bœuf aux Truffes. Sauce Champagne


Take a piece of fillet of beef of about three and a half to four pounds, trim off all the unnecessary fat and skin, and lard it in lines with lardons of fat bacon, after which trim the lardons with a pair of scissors that they may be all the same length, tie it up across the fillet with string to keep the meat in nice form; prepare a braise, as in recipe for Fricandeau of Beef, in a stewpan, place the fillet on the top of the vegetables, then put a buttered paper over the top, cover the pan down with the lid and let the meat fry with the vegetables for fifteen to twenty minutes; then add one wineglass of sherry and a quarter of a pint of good brown stock, and put the stewpan into a moderately hot oven and let the fillet braise for about two and a half hours, during which time keep it well basted over the paper, so that none of the pieces of the vegetables get mixed up with the lardons, adding more stock as that in the pan reduces. When cooked take it up on a baking tin and lightly brush it over with warm glaze, put it into a moderate oven, and let the lardons crisp for about fifteen minutes; then dish up, remove the string and arrange with hatelets, strain the gravy, removing all the fat, boil it up and pour it round the fillet. Have some fresh or bottled truffles heated in the bain marie and cut in slices; sprinkle these all over the fillet and then serve with champagne sauce round and with some in a sauceboat.

The vegetables which were used in the braising can be put into the stockpot.