Braised Sirloin of Beef with Oysters

Aloyau de Bœuf braisé aux Huîtres


Take off the top side of a well hung sirloin of beef, bone it, and remove about four inches of the top skin and gristle, and all the unnecessary fat, lard the top part of the lean with four or five rows of lardons of fat bacon, trim the lardons neatly, and tie up the meat in a nice form and braise as in recipe for Fricandeau of Beef; let it fry on the stove for twenty minutes, put a buttered paper over it, then add half a pint of good brown stock, cover the pan down, and place it in the oven, allowing three and a half to four hours for seven to eight pounds of the meat, adding more stock, and basting as in recipe for ‘Fillet of Beef with Truffles.’ Take up the meat, put it on a baking tin, glaze and crisp the lardons as in the same recipe; strain the liquor from the braise, free it from fat, and use it in the sauce as below. Dish up and remove the strings, fixing the joint with hatelets, and arrange a purée of mushrooms round it, and serve with the following sauce in a sauceboat. To make sauce for twelve persons take two dozen fresh sauce oysters, beard them, and cut them in halves; boil the oyster liquor with the beards till reduced to half the quantity, then add to it the liquor from the braise and three quarters of a pint of good brown sauce, the strained juice of one lemon, a wineglass of sherry, a dust of cayenne pepper, and one ounce of glaze, boil all together for twelve to fifteen minutes with one or two fresh mushrooms sliced, keep skimmed while boiling, then tammy, and make hot in the bain marie, and just before serving add the cut raw oysters and use.