Rumpsteak with Oysters

Bifteck aux Huîtres


Take a piece of rump steak from one and a half to two pounds, season the meat with pepper and salt and salad oil, then grill or broil for fifteen to twenty minutes; dish up on a hot dish and serve with the sauce as below poured over and the oysters in the centre of the meat, and garnish with fried potatoes round. For the sauce put three tablespoonfuls of white wine into a stewpan and boil it to half the quantity, then add four large tablespoonfuls of very rich thick brown sauce, half an ounce of glaze, and a pinch of castor sugar; boil up together, then work into it by degrees two ounces of fresh butter. Place the pan in the bain marie and add a teaspoonful of finely chopped parsley and a dust of cayenne, and one dozen raw bearded oysters (say for four or five persons) and the liquor of the oysters which must be boiled with the beards till reduced to a half part, and then strained into the sauce.