Braised Rump Steak

Bifteck braisé


Season two and a half pounds of rump steak with a little salt and pepper, and put it in a stewpan with about an ounce of butter; place a cover on the pan, and let it fry for about twelve minutes; then sprinkle the steak with about one tablespoonful of flour, and well shake the pan to prevent the steak clinging to the bottom; add about a pint of water or ordinary stock, bring to the boil, skim well, add a bunch of herbs and about two dozen button onions peeled and blanched, also some blanched and scooped carrots and turnips. The steak will require from one and a half to two hours gentle braising. The carrots and onions should be added about an hour and the turnips about half an hour before dishing, as that will be sufficient time for cooking them. The gravy should be replenished by more stock or water as it reduces. When the steak is cooked, dish it up with the vegetables placed round it in bunches; strain the gravy in which the steak was cooked and pour it round, and serve whilst very hot. Cooked tomatoes and button mushrooms are a good addition.