Beef Steak and Kidney Pie

Pâté de Bœuf et Rognons


Take about two pounds of beef or buttock steak, and cut up in about two-ounce pieces; cut the core from an ox kidney and then cut it up in slices; season together with a little chopped parsley, thyme, bayleaf, chopped eschalot or onion, basil and marjoram, pepper and salt, and one or two mushrooms. Put a little fat in a frying or sauté pan, and when it is warm put in the meat &c.; let all fry quickly for five or six minutes; take up, mix with the meat a little flour, and turn into a pie dish; fill it up with water or a little gravy. When cool cover with puff paste, and place it in a moderate oven to cook gently for about two and a half hours. If the pie crust gets too deep a colour put a piece of wet paper over it. When serving place a napkin on a flat dish, stand the pie dish on it, and garnish with fresh parsley.