Pigeon and Beef Steak Pie

Pâté de Pigeon et Bœuf


Pick, singe, and bone the pigeons, and cut each bird into four pieces; take four birds to one pound of fillet of beef or rump steak, cut the latter in little square pieces and season all with chopped bayleaf, thyme and parsley, chopped eschalot, a little salt and pepper; put into a buttered sauté pan and fry together for eight or ten minutes, then mix in a tablespoonful of flour, put all into the pie dish, fill the dish with good gravy, and garnish the top with halves of hard boiled eggs and button mushrooms that are masked with a little chopped parsley, cover the pie with puff paste, glaze the paste over with whole beaten up egg, mark the top with the knife and bake in a moderate oven for about two hours. Serve hot or cold for a remove or for a luncheon dish. Any kind of game or poultry can be used in the same manner.