Beef and Lark Pudding

Pouding de Bœuf et Mauviettes


Have eighteen or twenty larks picked and boned; season them with a little black pepper, a little salt, finely chopped herbs (parsley, thyme, and bayleaf), and two or three washed fresh mushrooms chopped (the tinned mushrooms can be used if the fresh are not to be procured). Cut up one pound and a half of fillet or rump steak in little square pieces about half the size of the boned larks; rub six boned and filleted anchovies through a sieve, and mix this and the larks and the meat together, and sprinkle a tablespoonful of fine flour over all. Prepare a suet crust as in recipe given, and with it line a buttered basin or plain mould to about one third of an inch thick, pressing the paste well to the basin or mould; fill it in with the larks and beef, leaving enough room to put in a pint of cold water or ordinary stock free from fat; wet round the edge of the paste with a little cold water, cover over with paste, press the edges together, trim off any superfluous paste, tie a cloth over the top, and put the basin or mould in a pot containing boiling water sufficient to cover it, and let it boil on steadily for five or six hours; take it up, remove the cloth, run a knife round between the paste and the edge of the basin, and turn the pudding out on to a very hot dish, and sprinkle the top with a little finely chopped parsley or truffle.