Lark Pie à la Moderne

Pâté de Mauviettes à la Moderne


Pick, cleanse, and bone about eighteen larks. Take one pound of rumpsteak, cut it up in little dice shapes, also a quarter of a pound of fat and lean bacon or ham, one small onion and two fresh mushrooms cut up, a few chopped herbs, such as thyme, parsley, and bayleaf, a pinch of salt and pepper, put these all together in a pan with about one and a half ounces of butter or good fat, and just fry over the fire for about eight or ten minutes, then pound all together until quite smooth and rub it through a coarse wire sieve; put the mixture into a forcing bag with a pipe, and fill the birds with it. Line a French raised pie tin or square flour tin with raised piecrust to not quite a quarter of an inch thick, and place the birds in, wet the edge of the paste and then cover it up with more paste rolled somewhat thinner, press the edges well together, trim them, and brush over the top with whole beaten up egg, roll some of the paste out very thin and stamp it out with a plain or fluted cutter and ornament the top of the pie with these; place a band of buttered paper round the pie and put it into a moderate oven and bake for about one hour or an hour and a half, according to the size; remove the paper and tin and place the pie on the dish. Put the bones from the larks, all chopped up fine, half an onion sliced, and half an ounce of butter into a stewpan with a little bayleaf and thyme and two or three black peppercorns; fry all together, with the cover on the pan, for about fifteen to twenty minutes, then add a little gravy or stock and boil all together for about half an hour: strain, and remove the fat, put the gravy to re-boil and fill up the pie with it with a funnel through a little hole made in the top of the crust. This pie can be served either hot or cold.