Roast Ox Heart

Cœur de Bœuf rôti


Take an ox heart that has been hanging for three or four days, remove all the pipe and blood from it, and fill it quite full of herb farce; fasten it up with a needle and string, rub the heart over well with warm dripping and fold it up in a well greased paper; tie it up, put the heart in a baking tin in the oven, or hang it up to roast for three to three and a half hours, keeping it well basted with dripping, then remove the paper and dish up on a hot dish and serve round it a good brown sauce or tomato sauce or brown caper sauce, and garnish with olive potatoes. This dish requires to be served whilst very hot. If the heart is roasted it must be suspended by the string with which it is tied up, so that the hook of the jack does not pass into the meat, and the thick part must be uppermost.