Stuffed Loin of Veal Boasted

Filet de Veau farci


Bone about five or six pounds of the loin of veal, remove any unnecessary fat, leaving the kidney if liked, farce it with herb farce, and sew it up in the shape of a galantine, then rub it over with dripping, put it in a well-greased paper, and roast or bake it gently for about two hours, keeping it well basted; take up, remove the paper, glaze the meat over with a little warm glaze, and put again to the fire or in the oven to brown, say for about ten or fifteen minutes, then place it in a tin with half a pint of cream, and keep it well basted with this for about fifteen minutes. If cream cannot be used baste with Espagnol sauce; take up, remove the string, and fix two or three hatelet skewers in it to keep it in shape; place it on a hot dish, and pour round it the cream or sauce that is, left in the tin after it has been passed through the tammy and just boiled up. The veal should be garnished with little bunches of crisply fried bacon, cut up in little dice shapes and drained from the fat; hot Veloute sauce to be handed in a sauceboat.