Fricandeau of Veal with Sorrel

Fricandeau de Veau à l’Oseille


Trim and lard neatly the top of the fillet of veal with bacon, and put it to braise in a well-buttered pan as for fricandeau of beef. Any odd bits of the larding bacon may also be put in the pan; place a buttered paper over it, and let it fry with the lid of the pan on for about twenty minutes, then add a little good stock and braise it in the oven for about two hours and a half to three hours, occasionally adding more stock as that in the pan reduces. Take up and glaze and crisp the lardons, and strain off the gravy, removing the fat. If you have not enough of this gravy for the fricandeau add a little glaze and good stock, boil up together adding a pinch of sugar, tammy and serve either round the meat or in a sauceboat. Garnish the fricandeau with a purée of sorrel and poached eggs. Spinach may be used instead of sorrel as a good accompaniment. Any of the fricandeau when cold makes an excellent dish, and should be served garnished with aspic jelly, and the cold gravy in a sauceboat.