Boiled Calf’s Head

Tête de Veau à l’Anglaise


Cleanse the half or whole of a calf’s head as in the recipe for ‘Calf’s Head en Tortue,’ then by means of a small pointed knife remove all the bone from the head and remove the brains; when the bone has been removed roll up the head lengthwise in the form of a galantine, then fasten it up in a clean buttered cloth and bind it with a piece of tape to keep it in good shape, put it into a saucepan with enough cold water to cover it, one tablespoonful of salt and a good plateful of raw cleaned vegetables; bring to the boil, then skim and cover the pan over with the lid and let it continue boiling for three and a half to four hours according to the size, then take up, remove the cloth, and place the head on a hot dish and serve over it good parsley sauce in which put the calf’s brains which have been blanched and cut up in little dice shapes, crimp the ear by cutting it with the scissors, arrange the tongue, which has been skinned, on the side of the head, and serve very hot.