Leg of Mutton with Tomatoes and Mushrooms

Gigot de Mouton aux Tomates et Champignons


Take a leg of mutton about eight pounds that has been well hung, trim it, wrap it in a greased paper if the fire is fierce, and roast it or bake it for two and a half to three hours, keeping it well basted; when ready to serve, dish up and garnish it round with tomatoes and mushrooms prepared as below. Dish the tomatoes alternately with mushrooms round the mutton; pour the gravy from the tomatoes and mushrooms in a sauceboat or serve round the joint.

Prepared Tomatoes

Peel and cut the tomatoes in halves; season them with a little pepper and salt, and cook them in a tin in the oven for about twelve minutes with a little butter or dripping; put a little greased paper over them, and occasionally baste them.

Prepared Mushrooms

Well wash the mushrooms, peel and dry, then put them in a saucepan with a little butter or dripping mixed into a teaspoonful of flour, a little pepper and salt, and about a quarter of a pint of stock or gravy; let them boil for about fifteen minutes, then take up and sprinkle over them a little chopped parsley.