Leg of Mutton à la Durand

Gigot de Mouton à la Durand


Bone a leg of mutton of about seven or eight pounds and season it inside with a little pepper, salt, chopped herbs, such as bayleaf, thyme, parsley, and eschalot; truss the leg into as natural a shape as possible, tying it with string or fastening it with skewers; put into a stewpan four ounces of clean fat or butter, two sliced onions, one sliced carrot, a little celery, bunch of herbs, four or five fresh mushrooms, and two good tomatoes sliced; place the mutton on the vegetables, cover it with a buttered paper, and fry all together for fifteen to twenty minutes over a moderate fire, then add one gill of sherry or mushroom liquor and a wineglassful of claret; let this simmer till the liquor has nearly all reduced, then add half a pint of good brown gravy or stock and stand the stew-pan in the oven for two and a half hours, keeping the meat well basted whilst cooking and adding more gravy or stock as that in the pan reduces. When cooked take up and remove the trussing strings or skewers and glaze the leg over with warm glaze; strain the liquor from the pan and let it remain till a little cool, then remove the fat, mix in three quarters of a pint of brown sauce, boil it up, keeping it skimmed, strain it, serve some round the dish and some in a sauceboat. This dish may be garnished with turned and braised olives, button mushrooms, and sliced truffles. The bone and the vegetables can be used up in the stockpot.