Boiled Leg of Mutton. Caper Sauce

Gigot de Mouton bouilli. Sauce Câpres


Take a well hung leg of mutton, trim it as for roasting, cutting away the meat from the knuckle-bone, then put it into a clean cloth and tie it up, place it in a stewpan with enough boiling water to cover it, with salt to season, also some perfectly fresh, well cleaned and prettily cut vegetables, such as celery, carrot, leeks, turnips, onions, herbsthyme, bayleaf, parsley, peppercorns, and cloves; bring to the boil, then skim well and allow the meat to simmer on the side of the stove very gently for two and a half to three hours, according to the size of the joint, then when cooked take up, remove the cloth, and place the leg on a very hot dish, pour a little of the strained gravy round it and garnish with the vegetables, serve with caper sauce in a sauceboat. The liquor from the boiling can be used for mutton broth.