Loin of Mutton Farced

Filet de Mouton farci


Take a well hung loin of mutton, bone it and remove all the unnecessary fat from it, season it with pepper and salt, and farce it with herb farce; sew it up with string into a nice form, and brush it all over with warm butter or dripping, put it in a moderate oven for three quarters of an hour, keeping it well basted, then strain off the fat in which it has been cooking, and pour half a pint of good brown gravy in the tin, return the fillet to the oven for another three quarters of an hour, basting it occasionally with the gravy; when cooked, take it up, remove the string and brush over with a little warm glaze, return it to the oven for about ten minutes, then dish on a very hot dish, and garnish round in bunches with any nice braised vegetables, such as carrots, turnips, and button mushrooms, small Spanish onions, &c. Serve the gravy in which the joint was cooked and that from the vegetables boiled up together, and freed from fat, on the dish. Use up the bones for the stockpot and the fat for frying.