Breast of Mutton Grilled. Brown Caper Sauce

Poitrine de Mouton grillée aux Câpres


Take the breast of mutton, remove all the unnecessary skin and fat from it, and then saw the bones through without cutting the meat so as to be able to remove them when the breast is cooked; tie it in a cloth or piece of muslin; double up the breast and tie it tightly with a string, put it in a saucepan with enough cold water to cover it, add a little salt, two or three onions, one large carrot, one turnip, a little celery, leek, a bunch of herbs, and six or eight black peppercorns; when the water boils skim it well and then put on the cover and let it boil gently for about three hours; take up on a dish, unfasten the cloth, remove the string and the bones from the breast and place it flat on a dish; season it with pepper and salt, and put it to press with another dish or baking tin with a weight on the top. When it is cold beat up a whole raw egg and brush the breast all over with it; sprinkle it well all over with browned breadcrumbs, place it in the grill iron and let it hang before a clear fire for about twenty minutes, keeping it basted occasionally with a little clean fat or butter. If you have not the means for grilling, put the breast on a tin in the oven with a few little pieces of butter on the top and cook for the same length of time; when ready to serve dish up with a garnish of tomatoes from which the core and pips have been removed, and which have been filled with a purée of cooked mushrooms, or other nice vegetables, then put on a buttered tin in the oven sprinkled with a few browned breadcrumbs, and cooked for ten minutes; pour brown caper sauce (as in preceding recipe) round it. Serve very hot.